Wow, it's been way to long since my last post...this is a testament as to how incredibly full our schedule is in the HEALTH program. My apologies to all my dear friends that I have not been able to keep in touch with these past few months.

Some of you have asked what our weekly routine is like so I thought I'd take a few minutes before our evening program to share a quick overview.

Every morning begins at 6:00am with a 60 minute brisk walk or hike on the trails, then a large nutritious plant-based breakfast. We meet for our 30 minute morning worship centering on the Bible & book "Ministry of Healing"...every student is assigned chapters to present on throughout the course so there is a different classmate leading out every day.

Our morning is packed with classes including Lifestyle Treatment, Personal Health Coaching, Religion & Health, Leadership for Evangelism, Natural Remedies, Plant-based Cooking... We then feast on our 2nd and last meal of the day :)

The next couple of hours we prepare for our evening lectures & presentations or we have health coaching appointments with community members we've met during our outreach hours (this deserves a future blog...amazing, divine interventions with people seeking true wellness).

Every evening is booked with programs we are hosting: CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Programs), Mental Peak Performance Training, Depression Recovery, Cooking School, 8 Weeks to Wellness, Health Outreach and Personal Coaching. Our weekend evenings are filled with vespers or weekend trainings. Our evening programs end about 9:00pm and then we drive home, take a contrast shower, have devotion, and go to bed by 10:00 for 7.5-8 hrs of precious sleep.

Honestly there is minimal personal time...and the 2-3 hours a week that are your own consists of laundry, getting gas, essential Target shopping, and that's about it. This is why the attention to my blog has waned. Some of you have expressed interest in attending the upcoming Fall semester...I vote Yes! Be ready to work hard, to learn much and apply volumes of information, and most of all be ready to be lit inside. Your life will change. There is no way that it can not.

There is no doubt I will write much more after I graduate in May if not sooner...gotta race across campus now. Take care. You're in my prayers.