Health Expos & Seminars

We have been such busy bees in our Health program and it has only just begun! We hosted an all day Health Expo at Roseville Shopping Center (a mega mall in Northern Cali, hint re the foot traffic: Louis Vuitton store present). We had a systematic booth setup that guided guests through each health station seamlessly. Each of us students had the opportunity to work at every station to garner hands on experience. Our booths included: 1. Welcome/Registration: each guest received a "passport" where the personal information gleaned from each station was documented. 2. Blood Pressure Screening. 3. Body Metrics: height/weight, body fat %, BMI, waist measurement. 4. Blood Sugar Screening for diabetes. 5. Mental Acuity Test: assessing risk of depression (which was common). 6. Chair Massages!!! This was every participant's end-goal. People were so grateful...our society lacks appropriate human is healing in countless ways. 7. Health Gauge Scoring with Consultation: our medical professionals reviewed the guest's numbers and provided each with personalized health feedback for improved wellness. We also had professional lectures scheduled throughout the day plus healthy cooking demos! We were able to reach literally hundreds of people with God's health message in one day. Each semester the Health program teams up with a local Adventist church for 4 months and many of the seminars, lifestyle coaching, and events are then hosted at that particular church. Our class is partnered with Meadow Vista SDA Church (an amazing loving bunch). Last weekend was a 3-part series, "The Secrets to Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally" by Dr. DeRose (incredible speaker). We had a full house every night...over 80 people in attendance with standing room only. The final night is a documentary screening of "Forks Over Knives" (if you have yet to see this movie, prioritize it!). After delivering compelling evidence that blood pressure is related to lifestyle choices each community guest is invited to our many upcoming seminars that we are preparing, such as C.H.I.P. (to be discussed in future post). In this way there is an ongoing build of connection with the community and the church earns a reputation as a health center. With today's economy and our ambiguous health care system, the need for medical missionary outposts will ever grow greater. We are to be the lighthouse in every community.

We should ever remember that the object of the medical missionary work is to point sin-sick men and women to the Man of Calvary, who taketh away the sin of the world. By beholding Him, they will be changed into His likeness. We are to encourage the sick and suffering to look to Jesus and live. Let the workers keep Christ, the Great Physician, constantly before those to whom disease of body and soul has brought discouragement. Point them to the One who can heal both physical and spiritual disease...

In almost every community there are large numbers who do not listen to the preaching of God’s word or attend any religious service. If they are reached by the gospel, it must be carried to their homes. Often the relief of their physical needs is the only avenue by which they can be approached. -- Ministry of Healing, pg. 144

Prayerfully inquire of God what is your role in His final mission. Because you have one.