My life has been filled with amazing adventures through 20-some countries...from being stranded in the Outback to an angelic rescue in the rice fields of Jakarta...God has given me so many reasons to know that He is by my side. And yet, the world and its glitter kept catching my eye.


In my teens and twenties I was in and out of the modeling world and became very distracted in life by that. I attained my Masters degree in Social Work and enjoyed working with the hospice population. In my thirties, I had several successful business ventures and life was feeling pretty accomplished.


In 2010, a variety of events and people were brought into my life that drove me to the Bible for answers. I did not realize how spiritually starved I had become. I could not get enough of Bible truth. By the fall of 2013, God had me preaching my first 3 evangelistic prophecy series, where over 20 precious souls were baptized. There is no higher high than to witness someone give their life to Jesus eternally.


God sold my company last summer and now I am in evangelism full-time. God's truth changed me...from the pursuit of the world, to the pursuit of Heaven.


- Cami Oetman

Cami Oetman



Yuppy Puppy Boutique, LLC


Olivetini Designs


Hallmark ADHC Medical Facility | Palm Springs, CA



Medical Social Worker

University of Nebraska | Nebraska

Master of Social Work

Union College | Nebraska

Bachelor of Social Work

Parkview Academy | Canada